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Human Resources News - 8th August 2013

With the revelation that 4% of the UK workforce are on them, the somewhat controversial subject of zero hours contracts has been brought firmly into the limelight. A heatedly debated topic that has certainly divided opinion, even Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has flagged his concerns about the potential exploitation of workers. We have collated some opposing views on the use of zero hours contracts below and would love to hear what you think?   Edinburgh News: Time to clock off from zero hours contracts by Ben Moxham Real Business: Zero hours contracts are bad for business by Charlie Mullins Growth Business: Zero Contract Hours – a love or hate relationship? by Hunter Ruthven Public Finance: Don’t call time on zero hours contracts by Kevin Green HR Magazine: Employment lawyer warns Labour “it may struggle” to enforce the proposed ban on zero hours contracts by Tom Newcombe   What’s your stance on these contracts? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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