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Candidates - 24th July 2013

A lot of candidates will not take the easy step of thanking their interviewer after their meeting. It’s a simple yet effective way to stay in the forefront of your employers mind whilst confirming your professionalism. We’ve put together some tips on the top way to follow up your interview.

A phone call: A phone call the day after your interview provides you with the opportunity for conversation rather than a one sided email or letter. This could be the last chance you have to sell yourself to the interviewer before they make your choice, so remember to mention your interest in the role.

An email: With an email you can say thank you whilst reinforcing why it is you are suitable for the role. It is also the best way to address any questions or issues you have but may have forgotten to bring up in the actual interview. The only thing to avoid is asking about salary.

A letter: A handwritten letter can add a great personal touch and show how you have taken time out and consideration to thank your interviewer. Keep it relatively short and sweet but keep in mind this is still an opportunity to sell yourself and skills.

And finally, always remember, the most important reason behind your follow up is to say thank you for the interviewers time –employers will appreciate the time and thought behind your effort.




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