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Candidates - 20th November 2012

With Christmas a mere 34 days away we are already being surrounded wrapping paper, blinded by Christmas lights, tempted by ‘Christmas Edition’ food products and reduced to emotional wrecks by TV adverts. Even at this early stage there is a general consensus that things are starting to ‘slow down for Christmas’. Suggestions that it would be better to put off recruiting new talent until ‘the New Year’ are rampant and those without a job may consider extending their break until after the Christmas flurry has passed. However at Signet Resources we believe that the run up Christmas is not a time to stop recruiting (we’ve just gained four new starters!) and here are our reasons why …

Reasons to Look for a New Job Before Christmas

  1. Ready to GO: It’s better to get yourself fitted in and trained up so that when you start in January you can actually do your job and fulfil your potential.
  2. Stress: Wouldn’t you rather enjoy Christmas knowing that you have already secured a position? No extra stress to add to the already painful turkey stuffing, present wrapping and family reunions…
  3. Beat the Rush: Common New Year’s Resolutions include; joining a gym, stopping smoking and of course, applying for new jobs! stand out from the masses and get yourself out there first.
  4. Social: By starting before Christmas you can get to know your new team properly at the Christmas party!
  5. Money: By getting a new job before Christmas you are more likely to have enough money to get yourself through January with sufficient food supplies and heating.

 Reasons to Hire a New Recruit Before Christmas

  1. Prepared: Get the new talent settled in, trained and ready to kick start the New Year. By delaying recruiting until January you may still be training in March!
  2. Social: Christmas socials are excellent ways to meet the new recruits and build team rapport.
  3. Holiday Quota: During the run up to Christmas there is a last minute dash to use or lose holiday – which means taking an afternoon off to come to an interview is easier for candidates.
  4. Budget: January may bring the start of a new budget so use up this old year’s budget wisely on new staff.
  5. Extra Time: Other business areas may have slowed down a little during the run up to the Christmas period, which gives you more time to train new staff.

We hope you enjoy the Christmas Festivities. Remember we don’t slow down in the run up to Christmas, so if you need help hiring new talent or securing a new position before the New Year please get in contact with us.


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