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Sales and Marketing News - 1st November 2016

In the last ten years, sales has evolved tremendously, and the need to hire strong, professional, salespeople is at the heart of most businesses.  If you have a great product or service, then you need great people to sell it.

This week I have read some good articles on how to become a better salesperson, this article from Forbes really highlights a few key things you need to do to be a better salesperson or account manager, whilst also showing some of the selling don’ts.


Wise words, however do we walk away from a new idea because we tried it once and it didn’t have the desired effect?  It is always worth trying again and tweaking until you achieve success.

Sales is an art form…

There is always a debate about whether sales in a natural ability or something you can learn.

I believe it is a good mix of both.

We can always learn more skills, and improve our talent.  It merely takes desire and potential and a strong coach or leader.  Is someone in your business helping you hone your ability, helping you maximise your talent and do the best you can?

If not – perhaps it is time to move on?

Currently I am working with a set of clients who offer great environments in which those who are keen to learn and progress are keenly welcomed.    I am currently looking to speak to National Sales Managers who are looking to work within the electronics market place.


For full details click here.


No matter what stage you are at in your career, it can be nerve-wracking going for an interview, especially if you are passionate about the role you are interviewing for.    We have a guide on our website on how to impress at interview, have a read of it as part of your pre interview preparation.

Other Opportunities



For full details click here.


For full details please click here


Finally, some words of inspiration for all of us looking to set out in another day of sales.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour day. – Zig Ziglar

Find your focus and make it happen.


By Joel Tillyer

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