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Sales and Marketing News - 30th May 2016

There is no denying; it has been a beautiful weekend.  The sun has shone down in Berkshire and my social media feeds have lit up like Blackpool, with images of friends, families, and colleagues getting out and about and relaxing in the sunshine.

fringe kids picnic

Then all too soon, it is Monday, which means tomorrow it is Tuesday…

The Tuesday after bank holiday.  For many even worse than a Monday after a usual weekend.  You have four days to achieve five days work….


Do you know, many business report lower than average levels of productivity and sales on a bank holiday week.  Many managers even perpetuate the myth that they expect poor results after a bank holiday because it is such a short week.

Is it time to exceed expectations?

Let’s be honest here.  It is only one day, and surely as managers if we expect our team to produce less; then they will meet our expectations. .

How to motivate post a bank holiday….

1.  As a manager, think about your language.  If you kick off Tuesday saying….

“Ok guys…. I know it is a short week so let’s make the best of it.”

Then you are already lowering expectations.

Don’t use victim mentality.  Don’t prepare them to fail

Motivate, inspire,  drive your team to over exceed.

2. Let’s get going…

Start Tuesday with a quick catch up and set positive, achievable expectations.  Ask the team or individual to commit to a goal, and own it.

3. Focus Manage

Realistically, you have lost a day.

What non urgent tasks can be missed this week?

Often team members prefer to do regular tasks rather than ones that generate business.  It’s called preference over priority.

Ensure that if you want to have a strong result on business opportunities on a four-day week you strip out the non urgent tasks and drive the team towards key tasks that help the business achieve its goal.

4. Don’t distract…

Don’t be the line manager sitting at your desk, openly verbalising your stress at losing a whole business day.

Don’t be the one on Wednesday lamenting

“How is it Wednesday already?”

You merely create an environment for your team to do the same.

5. Do empower… 

Let your team know you trust them to achieve them goals for the week; but ensure those goals are their main focus.

Create a plan for any tasks that may not be achieved that week to ensure they are next week’s most important thing.

Don’t be afraid to challenge.  Teams need strong managers to help them stay on track to their chosen goals.  Even the most dedicated workers can veer off course on occasion.

6. Celebrate your successes

If you can make your four-day week a success, celebrate it.  It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, lunch on Friday, team drinks after work.  A thank you from the business for not allowing the excuse of a shorter week to diminish productivity.

Then get ready to do it all again in August when hopefully the sun will still be shining!


Cover image courtsey of Sujin Jetkasettakorn.


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