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Candidates - 22nd July 2011

1. Research, research, and research some more. Under preparing is obvious, over preparing is impressive.

2. Know the market; as well as researching the client, know the industry and their competitors.

3. Wear a suit, ideally a plain one. Loud ties and funky heels may distract an interviewer from focusing on the most important thing; you.

4. Plan your route. Lateness is never a good starting point.

5. Think about what you want to discuss in the interview. Prepare questions and ask them.

6. Remember your mother’s advice, shine your shoes and clean under your nails. It can be little things that count.

7. If you are interested in the role and the business tell the employer. How else will they know?

8. Be honest, it is always the best policy.  If there are aspects of the role you have not done give examples of how you can learn.

9. Don’t waffle. If you find yourself spinning a bit of a tale, pause for a moment and see if you can remember the question. If you can’t it is probably time to stop talking.

10. Relax, smile, and enjoy. Interviews can be a positive experience, try and make yours a good one.

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For a guide on how to approach a competency interview please click here.

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