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Featured News - 22nd October 2014

Working in the recruitment industry, time and time again we see counter offers.  Some which people choose to accept and some which people decline having remembered their motivations for wanting to leave their current position in the first place.

Fact: As cited by the wall street Journal Of people who accepted their counter offers, 93% left within 18 months Source: Wall Street Journal

Quite an astonishing fact.  This is often down to the simple reason that people can be wowed by a counter offer – they see the pound signs flash in their eyes and are given false hope, believing that things will change.  More often than not, in a few months’ time, although benefitting from a higher salary, that person still has to cope with the pain of a job they dislike, a commute that cannot stand, or a manager they simply cannot work with.

Few of us are motivated solely by money.  Although it plays a significant part in the lifestyle we lead, many would agree that it is not worth sacrificing your happiness in day-to-day life.  If you are considering accepting a counter offer it is key that you understand what your own motivations are, and what your main reason for wanting to move on in the first place was.

Is this actually going to change?

If you are looking for a new job it is important to understand what your key motivators are, and be prepared to be questioned on them.  Really think about why you are looking for a new opportunity, and what you need back from that opportunity in order for your expectations to be met.  Motivations are one of the hardest areas to pinpoint and in order to find the right opportunity for you, it is essential to understand and be able to explain your own personal driving factors behind wanting a new career.

If you main reason for looking for a new role is a hope that you will receive a counter offer, or an opportunity to discuss your current role internally.  Then I would advise you speak with your line manager first about what can be achieved without you having to go to market.  Saving yourself, your company and a prospective employer time and upset.

Have you ever been tempted by a counter offer?

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