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Candidates - 10th May 2017

Looking to ensure you get the job you want?

It isn’t as hard as you can often think, but like anything in life, if you really want it – you need to work for it.

So follow our simple tips and make sure you stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

Plan, prep and prepare

It is time to go back to school and ensure you do your homework.  In this day and age there is really no excuse not to, the internet can provide an easy route to finding out all you can about your potential employer and the business they work within.

Want to go the extra mile?  Read press releases, study competitors, know the market place inside out and construct questions around it – it will show off your diligence and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Have your answers ready

You may not know the questions, but there are some pretty standard ones that you should have some decent prepared answers to.

Why are you leaving?

Why are you interested in the opportunity?

What drives you?

and so forth… Have good solid answers prepared and you will never be caught off guard.

Show don’t tell

Most interviews are competency based, and look for you to give an example of when you have demonstrated a certain skill or attribute.  Job descriptions are great tools to use to identify what competencies the employer is looking for, as are company values.

Ensure you have some fantastic examples of when you have worked well, how you managed tricky situations and how you achieved success.

For more details on competency interviews read our guide here.

Let your body show your interest

Make sure your body and your mouth are saying the same thing, body language is crucial in interviews.  It will demonstrate your confidence and eagerness.  Uncross those arms, sit up tall, and lean in to listen!

Dress to Impress

It sounds obvious, but I still hear stories of candidates turning up to interviews in non – appropriate clothing.  Shine your shoes, dig out the suit and go in like you mean business.

Prepare Questions

There will always be a point in the interview when you are asked – do you have any questions.

For me, if a candidate says “I did, but you answered them already,” I always question as to whether any were prepared.

Have questions, write them down, and show the employer you had them ready if they do cover off everything in the interview.  It simply demonstrates prior planning.

Make the questions good – this role is hopefully something you are looking to do long-term, so probe and find out more.

Ask about company culture? Why the employer stays? What makes people successful?

All great questions designed to start conversations and give your more time with the interviewer.

There are lots of things to remember before interviewing, and although a lot of the above sounds obvious, you would be surprised how many people don’t follow this advice.

So be the exception, stand out from the crowd, and go nail that interview.


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