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Candidates - 22nd July 2011

Message from Nicky Pusey, the M.D of Signet Resources following our first quarter of 2011

Signet have just had another record quarter, which compounds my believe that our process of interviewing all candidates face to face before presenting to clients is a key factor of our success, More and more recruitment  companies are just not prepared to put the extra effort in required to ensure that the candidate really is as good as their cv suggests and also a strong cultural match for the business. 

We are very direct with our candidates and ensure that we give them constructive feedback on their interview with us and how they can present themselves effectively to our clients.

Providing this level of support to the candidate ensures that they represent Signet correctly and that they have fully researched prepared before meeting one of our clients.. In fact we achieve a 96% ratio of candidates we meet, being put forward to clients which I know is very rare.  

From a client perspective we are able to provide a candidate who has been thoroughly competency based interviewed and will ensure a greater longevity. We have an excellent track record in providing key employees who stay with the business over 98% of our placements last year remained with the business beyond the probationary period.

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