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Featured News - 1st April 2016


Self improvement is something to be proud off, but at the time, getting recognition for that improvement can be tough.  Developing yourself enough to be able to ask for a promotion is an impressive feat, not to mention nerve-wracking…

However if you have put the work in, and have the right attitude and desire to succeed then putting yourself in the limelight and seeking to climb the ladder is absolutely the right thing to do.


Companies that I recruit for love ambition and talent, people are the drivers of their business.  So as scary as going for a promotion can be, many employers will welcome an employee who want to further themselves and assume more responsibility in the business.

Steps to follow

If you have ambition and feel ready to take on a new role in the company you work for, you need to follow a set of stages.

Initially you need to figure out what that role is and where it fits into the business.

Realistically, most over achievers start assuming their next position before it actually becomes fact.  If you are looking to become a CRM specialist from a general marketing role you would expect to be spending more time on CRM, developing the skills to become a professional.

Likewise if you are hoping to work in people management, you should be actively looking for opportunities to mentor more junior or new team members.

You need to identify where your new role is, or know the business has a current vacancy and start making that job your own.

Prepare and Pitch

Going for a new job is a proactive activity.  Ensure you have prepared well, researched the role, and have identified how you have the core skills and drive needed to do that role.

Book a meeting, and ensure it is a meeting, not a ‘5 minute catch up’ with your boss. You need to have time to present yourself as you would in an interview and that takes time.

Have a plan, and a pitch.  Be prepared to discuss why you think there is a opporunity that you would be right for and how you will meet the criteria.

Show what you have done in preparation and what your business plan is moving forward.

Have documentation to back up your case.

Be professional and excited.  Applying for a promotion is a good thing.

It’s not about the money

Money is an important part of why we all go to work, but if it is your sole motivator for looking for an uplift in your current role then you may find yourself unsuccessful in your quest.

Discuss salary by all means, and have a figure in mind but make sure the promotion will impact your career in the way you want and that is your end goal.

If they say no

Don’t let this be the end of your ambition, ask for feedback, look at where you need to develop and use your rejection as a tool to help you get the job next time.

Learn from your mistakes and you will always go far.


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