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Things to NEVER Do In An Interview

Published 19 May 2021

I have worked in recruitment for almost 15 years and if nothing else I have discovered a true love of the unpredictability of people. It is the type of role where everyone can surprise you, and you can meet some amazing people.

And you can have some jaw dropping moments...

Like the time I asked a candidate what his strengths were and he referenced his ability in the bedroom instead of his technical skills in the office.

It makes every day interesting.

However, the years have taught me that there are some things that you should never do in an interview. The list may seem obvious to some, but we still see this happening time and time again.

If you can think of any more please add them in the comments.

1. Don’t be late.

It sounds simple but I am staggered by how many people hit traffic, get lost, don’t plan the journey and end up either missing their appointment or tip toeing in 15 minutes after the pre arranged time.

Plan your journey, do a test run, check the time so you know roughly what should be happening with the traffic.
When ever possible get there earlier. You can always kill time in a local coffee shop or even sitting in the car.

  1. Have your phone on.

Turn it off, leave it in the car, take the battery out. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because your mum fancied a chat.

3. Chew gum.....

It is not the best habit at the best of times, don’t do it when trying to get a new job....

4. Be unprepared

Make sure you have lots of questions, written down, that demonstrate your research into the business. Try and impress!

5. Don’t swear.

Even if your interviewer is turning the air blue with their language, don’t be tempted to join in!

6. Ask about salary or working hours in a first meeting.

Sell yourself, get them interested in you. You should have the financial details from your recruiter or the advert. This is a topic for second interview and best instigated by the employer.

7. Don’t wear a comedy tie.....

And the same goes for excessive jewellery, garish clothing, etc. When you are being interviewed you want all the focus on you. Dress smart and plain, so they can only concentrate on you, not what is drawn on your tie....

8. Avoid using nicknames...

In your first interview you want to be professional, so don’t shorten an interviewers name unless requested to do so. On occasion you may be interviewed by two people who use more ‘familiar’ names for each other. However, unless they introduce themselves with that shortened version of their name, stick with the one they give.

If you do the above and check out these top tips on how to act post interview, I am sure you will get off on the right foot.

Good luck with your interviews...