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Six Reasons To Look To Change Roles In 2021

Published 05 September 2021

This year has seen a dramatic change in terms of employment rates, retention of staff for companies, and also people changing the way they work. Being employed is such a critical thing right now, with many people valuing their employment more so than ever before. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to stay in your current job role? Here are six reasons to look to change roles in 2021. 

To look at career enhancement 

One of the most obvious reasons might be to start thinking about career enhancement. With your current employer, you may not see a clear career path whereas moving to a new company gives you a fresh take on a new role with more responsibility. Career enhancement also can give you better job satisfaction and improve your quality of life. 

What an employer can offer in terms of benefits is now more vital

Given the circumstances we have all faced this past year, what an employer can offer in terms of benefits is now more vital than ever. Perhaps your current employer doesn’t offer sick pay, or maybe they now won’t give you the opportunity of remote working. What an employer can offer in terms of benefits is now more vital and a key reason for changing roles and starting fresh with a new employer. 

Company culture is valued 

With a lot of time spent outside of the workplace this past year, company culture is now sincerely valued by employees. As an employee, you want to feel valued for the job role that you do, and to also feel appreciated and part of a team whether that is working remotely, or back in the workplace. If you don’t feel there is any company culture to be part of, then it might be time to look to change roles. 

Flexible working options is now a priority

Flexible working is now something that we realise we can all do. The pandemic means that remote working was the only option, and while many employers have fought against this change in the past, it is now more acceptable to have these flexible working options in place. An employee might need to work different hours around their family or prefer working remotely instead of commuting to a workplace. If your employer will no longer give you that flexibility it might be time to look to change roles and find an employer who will. 

Striking a better work and home life balance

As much as flexibility and remote working has been part of our lives recently, it has also meant that we now see the value in a better balance between working and home life. We realise that there can often be more to life than working every hour possible and that you can be more productive in the time you allow yourself to be. Striking a better home and work-life balance for you might mean a change in role so you can be closer to your family or be more present for your children. 

A change in career entirely 

Finally, the last and perhaps most important reason is that you want to change your career entirely. Many of us have realised what is important to us or perhaps have become more aware of our future plans and what we are passionate about. Changing roles to do something entirely different will give you that enthusiasm, motivation, and passion back for your career moving forward. 

Hopefully, this will help you to decide where you want to look to change roles in 2021.