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Signs You Have Hired the Wrong Person

Published 07 September 2014

Every company has done it at some stage in their lifespan. No matter how well thought out the recruitment process, how every question was asked and the right answer given, sometimes the wrong person is hired.

Here are indicators to be able to know if you have fallen into this trap...

They are late 

Not always an indicator that you have made a fatal flaw in hiring, but in an ideal world your new employee will be so keen to impress they will be leaving the house super early.

They don’t dress to impress

If your new employee was as smart as a new pin through the interview stages but turns up on day one in jeans and a sweater whilst the rest of the office is suited, you may want to question their understanding of the company.

They show a reluctance to meet targets set

Eagerness and enthusiasm are great attributes in a new hire. Most inductions involve tasks that need to be achieved, if your new employee isn’t reaching the goals and seems reluctant to do so, it may be worth have a conversation about why?

When the company culture shifts

When a new starter joins a team, you expect a period of storming whilst the team finds its new dynamics. However if you notice that the team suddenly become withdrawn in the presence of the new person, it may be the culture has shifted in a negative direction. You need to identify why that it and see how to rectify.

They make mistakes, the same ones, over and over.

Mistakes are part of the learning process, and you expect them when training a new individual. However if they continuously make the same errors and show no signs of learning how to rectify their errors and improve, they may be in the wrong job and you may have hired the wrong person.

For conversations on how to ensure you hire the right person every time, please speak to any of Signet’s consultants about how we recruit using a competency model and an in-depth understanding of your business needs.