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Signet’s Journey to Success and Ambition

Published 24 October 2023

It has been 12 months since our acquisition by The Macildowie Group, and what a journey it has been! Reflecting on this period, we're proud to share the remarkable achievements and the role that fun and belief have played in keeping us going when times became challenging. This blog is a celebration of our team's success and ambition over the last 12 months at Signet Resources, and a glimpse into the journey ahead.

Insights Profiling – Working Together as a Team

One of the cornerstones of our success has been our ability to work together as a team. Over the last 12 month's at Signet, we've embraced Insights profiling to better understand each other's strengths and preferences. By doing so, we've harnessed the power of our differences, which has only strengthened our collective ambition and determination.

CEO of Your Own Desk – Giving Autonomy and Ownership

Empowering our team members to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities has been a pivotal strategy. It's incredible to see people rise to the challenge and lead their own path to success. As they say, "Be the CEO of your own desk," and we've witnessed how this autonomy has fuelled people’s ambition.

Growing and Expanding Our Teams

In the past year, we've seen growth and expansion within our teams, the introduction of Retention Services and the transfer of talent like Matt Wilkinson who joined us from Macildowie, have played a vital role in our journey. We've also taken on more office space to accommodate this growth.

Greater Flexibility – Office, Home, and Hours

We've recognised the importance of flexibility, allowing our team to work from the office and comfort of their homes. This flexibility extends to working hours, making it easier for our team to balance their personal lives, whether it involves taking care of their dogs, spending time with their children, or pursuing their sports interests.

Wellbeing Support – Coffee, Assurance, and Charity

Taking care of our team's wellbeing has always been a top priority. We've invested in a posh coffee machine for the office to keep everyone fuelled and alert. Life assurance and the opportunity to take days off for charity work reminding us of the joy that comes from giving back.

Celebrating 20 Years of Signet

A significant milestone in our journey is celebrating 20 years of Signet. To commemorate this achievement, we've planned a 20-mile walk on the 15th of March 2024, with our chosen local charities (soon to be announced) benefiting from our support.

Social Gatherings and Team Building

Fun has always been an essential ingredient in our journey. We've organized social BBQs, exciting team nights out, and team lunches. Our annual kick-off started with a train journey to Nottingham for a memorable night with our colleagues at Macildowie and a recent Escape Room challenge bought out the team's competitive spirit. We're already looking forward to our upcoming Christmas party planned at the National Space Centre.

What Do the Next 12 Months Look Like?

As we set our sights on the future, there are several exciting prospects on the horizon. We're planning to delve deeper into AI, keeping a laser focus on how our Clients and Candidates can benefit. Upskilling our team will continue to be a key priority, and we're committed to strengthening our Retention Services, Managed Recruitment Services and our selection of online Client/Candidate Events.

Welcoming New Team Members

We're delighted to introduce new team members Ella, Clarissa, and Stacey, who bring fresh energy and expertise to our ranks. As we continue to expand, we are now on the lookout for more new hires to strengthen our Finance, Commercial and Marketing divisions as well as an Interims Specialist.

In conclusion, our journey over the past 12 months at Signet has been driven by ambition, success, and the constant presence of caring and having fun. As we look ahead to the next 12 months, we're excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, confident that our special team of people will continue to achieve great things while having fun along the way. Cheers to the journey!

If you'd like to join our finance, commercial or marketing divisions, click here to send us your details.