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Why Are Recruiters Not Calling Me?

Published 27 February 2021

Have you applied for a job through a recruitment agency, however heard nothing back? Do you often wonder why recruiters are not calling you? A simple reason why recruiters may not be calling you could be down to the simple fact that your CV is not right for the job you have applied for, as it does not match your proven skill set. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to make sure your CV is as relevant and up to date as possible, make it stand out and show all the relevant experience that would make you right for the desired position.

A CV and cover letter are marketing statements to promote yourself and prove your capabilities in order to make a recruiter pick up the phone. Another key factor may be the location of the job that you are applying for, if a recruiter deems it to be unsuitable for the vacancy applied for this may affect the chances of them calling you, so carefully consider the location of the job you are applying for and make it clear why you feel this would be the right opportunity for you.

It is also important to be as honest and clear as possible in order to develop a relationship between candidate and recruiter. It is extremely important that you don’t waste each other's time by saying you’re interested in a position that you’re not, something that could hinder you for future opportunities. It is also not proactive for candidates to call in every day regarding the status of their application, have a discussion with your recruiter, identify how often you both want to be updated and progress on those lines. If you do not give the correct contact details or are impossible to get hold of it makes it difficult for recruiters to reach you, something that is fundamental in getting a greater insight into a candidate’s skill set, so try and make your availability as clear as possible.

Candidates who take the time to interview have a right to know if their application has progressed, and if not they should be given feedback as to why not, in order to improve in the future and help them develop with other opportunities. Just because a recruiter may not be successful in getting you into a certain job doesn’t mean they may not have a vacancy that could be perfect for you in the future so it is really important to build these relationships.

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