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Why You Should Never Lie to a Recruiter!

Published 01 May 2014

Have you ever lied to a recruiter? As previously discussed, here at Signet Resources we go by the idea that you should treat others as you would like to be treated. With this in mind, the simple fact is that you should not lie to a recruiter, just as you would not like to be lied to yourself, and by doing this you will have more chance of building a relationship that will help to produce the best results.

When speaking to a recruiter the best thing is to be as honest and open as possible, and that way they stand the best chance of finding the right opportunity for you by understanding your needs and expectations. You can’t expect a recruiter to help you find your dream job if you’re not giving them the full facts to work with. It is also extremely important that you don’t waste each others time by saying you’re interested in a position that you’re not, something that could hinder you for future opportunities and also prevent another candidate from being considered. 

It is also important to remember that recruiters are likely to remember if they have been lied to or have some kind of recording of it. Honesty really is the best policy in order to avoid compromising your integrity and causing doubts to be had about you with regards to future opportunities that could be a fantastic match.

Another thing to remember.....Its the 21st century. 

With twitter, facebook and linkedin it's easy to research candidates by just the click of a button, and any discrepancies could cause doubts in a recruiters mind. For example, if you are applying for a marketing role and claim to be terrific on twitter, and yet you only have 3 followers, this will start to ring major alarms bells.

The truth always comes out eventually, and lying about experience or other opportunities will undoubtedly eventually come out, potentially leaving candidates in a tricky situation, and could end up blowing your chances of being considered for future roles. Best thing to do....just tell the truth!