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Mental Well Being at Work 

Published 14 November 2019

As recruiters we are in the privileged position of seeing how other businesses operate daily. Which means we get a fantastic insight into how to retain staff and encourage wellbeing in the workplace.

Mental health and well being are current topics, and we work with some companies who have really worked hard and offer some amazing packages to their people. Increasing happiness in the workplace, which in turns drives productivity and retention.

Put simply, happy employees are less likely to leave, and an engaged work force is a motivated one.

For most of us, work is where we spend the majority of our time. It can form our friendship groups, dictate our income and cause us the most stress.

It can directly impact our mental health.

Because we all have mental health, as we do physical health.

To a degree, it is obvious when we are looking after ourselves physically – we can go to the gym, for walks, to the pool – exercising our body can be done in a variety of ways.

Mental health – that can be different, there isn’t a gym we can go to challenge and improve our mindset.

So how can we tackle it in the workplace – and as employers, do our best to give our teams the most support possible?

Looking for the signs of distress is hugely important, if a team member suddenly begins to act differently, appear tired or down, perhaps a conversation off site to understand the root cause could work. Giving a space and a time for someone to communicate with you could be all they need to start a conversation which could lead to helping them.

Then finding them the support they need.

Talking about mental health is a huge step in terms of making it more ‘normalised’ in the workplace. Being a leader who is approachable will be recognised by a team positively.

Next week at Signet we have an interactive workshop, ran by Emma Browning, looking at Mental Health and Wellbeing.

It will look at

1.Understanding what we mean by employee Mental health & wellbeing

2.The facts and data that back up why its important

3.Some best practice ideas and suggestions of what could be included in a Mental Health & wellbeing policy

4.MIND – Employer Gold, Silver Bronze Employer Status Program