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Why Contracting Isn’t As Scary As You Think

Published 15 February 2021

We are taught from a young age that security and stability are important and that getting a good, steady job is the only way to achieve this. But what if the good, steady job doesn’t make you entirely happy? Surely job satisfaction is just as important as money in the bank?

We are creatures of habit but habits themselves can become habit forming so we should look to step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves regularly to keep from becoming bored or stale.

One way to avoid this is by forsaking permanent roles for contracts, giving you the option of changing your environment, industry or even locations more easily as well as developing you on career and personal levels.

Contracting has always been seen as a frightening, unsecure way of working that most people would gasp in horror at the thought of but there are many benefits to making the change.


Contractors generally receive more money for their services as compensation for the lack of stability and benefits of permanent staff such as holiday, sick pay, health care and pension.

Flexibility and Freedom

You can work around your own lifestyle. If you prefer working a 4 day week, then you are in a position to negotiate this. Some experienced contractors choose to work full time for 6-9 months of the year then not at all for the rest of the year!

Knowledge and Skills 

Short term contracts mean you gain experience faster as you work on varied projects. Changing projects regularly also enhances your skills and keeps you current and marketable.


You will gain invaluable experience of various industries, cultures and working environments making your CV more expansive and diverse. It will also allow you to explore new employment prospects for the future.


You are constantly making new contacts and recommendations are priceless when searching for that all important next contract.

So, next time you gaze out of the window and wonder if the grass is greener, why not be brave and stick your toe in the mud?

And if it turns out it isn't, you will at least have added experience and possibly career furthering skills to your CV as well as having made valuable new business contacts!