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A Career In Recruitment?

Published 13 November 2015

I'll be honest.

When I first applied for a role in recruitment I didn't have a clue what the job would entail.  I saw an advert appealing for graduates who were outgoing and keen to earn money, sent in my CV and turned up for an interview a few days later.

My experience before that was working in care homes....

It was a surprise to all of us when I got the job!

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a role that is ever-changing,  with fifteen years experience I have watched the industry and in turn the day job change drastically.

Back in the day, when I started, I had a desk with a phone and a pad.  Nowadays I come to work armed with a mobile, a laptop, iPad and the internet.  It makes the day job far easier.

Put simply, recruitment is the simple art of placing job seekers into new jobs....

Sort of...

Recruiters also need to establish relationships with companies, and gain an in-depth understanding of their business in order to match appropriate people to their needs.

Recruiters and resourcers also need to be able to understand a job seekers needs and motivations, as well as their skills and experience.

Psychology plays a key part in what we do, as does tenacity and a fair bit of drive.

The different roles...

There are lots of different roles you can assume in a recruitment company.  Recruitment Consultants are sales people, they go out and find clients and forge relationships.  It is not about smash and grab, it's a long-term partnership they are trying to build.

Resourcers look after candidates and network, search and look under every stone to find perfect aspirational matches for the roles they are working on.

Account Managers tend to have a portfolio of clients, and manage their needs as they arise and solve their recruitment crisis.

The other hats

Plus, at Signet we do much more.  Our team write blogs about their market sector, sharing information with clients and candidates.  We hold seminars to again pass on experience to our client base.  We have got involved with redundancy processes for our clients, ran assessment centres and much more.

We like ideas and innovation in this sector, creativity goes a long way in recruitment.


We want to bring fresh new blood into our business and speak to people who may not have previously considered Recruitment as a career.  All you need is a bit of ambition, a lot of drive and a decent amount of energy and we can train the rest....

Does it sound like you?

In that case, this is an invitation to join us on our next open morning, where we will explain to you about the industry, how it works and what is expected of someone entering into it.

If you like that part of the morning (and our excellent tea making skills), then we will invite you to join our assessment centre which will follow immediately.  If it is not for you then no worries, at least you will be better informed to make that decision.