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7 Signs of a Great HR Leader.

Published 11 June 2020

Finding a great HR leader for a company or organisation can sometimes feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. While certain people might have some qualifications, it’s a different ballgame to find someone easily that has all the qualifications that you’re needing and wanting. But keep in mind that there are great HR leaders out there that are perfect for your needs. When it comes to recruitment methods for filling your Human Resources position, you will want to look for these signs of a great HR leader.

7 Signs of a Great HR Leader

While there are other aspects that make up a great HR representative, here are some of the main ways to look for.

  • Strong Communication Skills

Since HR is going to be handling employee issues, being able to communicate effectively with everyone in the company is key. Having calm conversations while also taking the time to listen is very important in this leadership role.

  • Empathy and Sympathy

These shouldn’t be confused with feeling sorry for employees or playing favourites, but it is important for HR to have a chance to connect with employees during their times of need and potential issues.

  • Able to help Transition to Remote Management. 

During these times, being able to help employees pivot and work from home in a fast and efficient manner is key. From making certain that they have the equipment that they need to ensure that they’re staying productive, it’s all a process that HR has a hand in.

  • Motivated

If the HR representative is working from home as well, being motivated to help others stay motivated while working is a huge need as well.

  • Level-headed

Times are stressful right now and are proving themselves to be overly difficult in some situations. HR leaders are needed now, more than ever, to remain calm and have a way to help find solutions when there seems to be a never-ended list of problems or issues that arise.

  • Able to hold others accountable

With so many employees and members of management working from home, it’s imperative for HR to have a strong hold on making certain that everyone is accountable for their roles in the company. This can be as simple as having meetings online to check in or setting up performance plans to help people stay on task with their duties and jobs.

  • Change direction quickly

And just as we all know, things are changing on a daily basis. While this can be stressful for a lot of different reasons. HR managers in a leadership position have to be able to pivot as well. When it comes to recruitment purposes, potential furloughs and layoffs, or even helping people transition from the office life to home life, there are days when HR will be having to wear many different hats.

As you can see, this is just a small snippet of what makes up a great Human Resources leader. Combine those 7 characteristics and skills and you’ll find a strong HR candidate and management employee who can walk the walk while talking the talk.

Having a strong HR employee in place to help with your company is one of the best decisions that you can possibly make.

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