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10 Ways To Build A Better Relationship With A Recruitment Consultant.

Published 20 May 2021

Have you had a bad experience with a recruitment agency? You’re not alone. However there are some very easy ways to build and maintain a successful relationship with a recruitment consultant.

Initial Contact:

When you first call up to either introduce yourself generally or with a specific role in mind make sure you have a great CV ready to email over.

Be Positive: 

Recruiters can do a lot more with a candidate who communicates well, is clear about what they want, and most importantly has a positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm.

Be Accessible:

Make sure your consultant has your email, at least one phone number and you could also connect on social platforms like LinkedIn.

Maintaining Contact: 

In order to avoid the frustration caused by missed calls the best thing to do is to arrange a mutually convenient specific time to talk when both of you will be free. Discuss what contact methods work best for you.


Ensure you have all your important documents; new employers will always need to see your passport, National Insurance card and a proof of address. Also prepare the contact details of some willing referees.

Create Trust:

Build trust in your relationship by being upfront about other opportunities you may have in order to manage expectancies. Be honest.

Be Clear: 

Make it very clear about where you want to work and what you want to do. Be clear about your career history so your recruiter has all the information they need to help you.


Make sure to update your consultant with any changes to your circumstances.


Remember it’s the recruiters’ job to fill a position with the best and most suitable candidate available- That can’t always be you!

Choose Carefully: 

Recruitment consultants all offer varied services for candidates; they can vary in contact expectancies, client range and career markets. Make sure you pick an agency that is compatible with you.

Remember it’s a partnership- both you and the consultant need to work together proactively in order to reach the ultimate goal of securing you a new job. The measure of a good relationship is remembrance and re-occurrence over time; At Signet Resources we have had candidates contact us who we helped over a decade ago!

Here are a few words from our consultants….

‘It’s all about the partnership- It’s a two way thing’

‘The best candidate relationships I have developed start with Honesty right from the beginning with expectancies set from both sides.’

‘Keep open and direct lines of communication in order to develop honest and collaborative partnerships with each individual candidate.’