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10 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Published 18 October 2021

Hiring the right people for a job role that you need filling can sometimes feel like it can take up time, effort, and money from your business. Although you need to hire the right people for the roles you might have looking at ways to speed up the hiring process can prove worthwhile especially in a talent short market like the one we exist in today.

Here are 10 proven ways to speed up the hiring process. 

Think about the candidate experience 

The candidate’s experience is important. If you make a candidate feel comfortable, given them all of the relevant information they need and have asked the appropriate questions, then a candidate will be more inclined to work for you and give you a speedy response. 

Find a recruitment specialist that can help

If you have struggled to pre-qualify candidates in the past or failed to have appropriate candidates available for an interview, then a great way to speed up the hiring process is to find a recruitment specialist. They can take all of the hard work away and supply you with a list of candidates ready for the interview stages. 

Automation tools speed up the process 

Manually working through CVs and information can be time-consuming, so automation tools are very useful to help sift through the information giving you the results and the relevant statistics. 

Use social media to reach a wider audience 

Sometimes it isn’t about the hiring process and more about finding the right candidates. Advertising on social media is not only a fast and instant way to communicate new job roles, but it will also help you to reach a wider audience. 

Qualify the CVs so you interview the best candidates 

The CV is often the first point of contact for a candidate, so make sure you take the time to qualify the CVs that you receive. This will help you to only spend time and interview the best possible candidates for the role you are advertising. 

Be open to doing different interview options 

If you are hoping to speed up the process, then it may be time to be open to different interview options. Many more people are now familiar with telephone interviews as well as conducting interviews over video platforms like Google Meetings and Zoom. Face-to-face interviews are great, but if time is of the essence then this could work out well. You could also be open to different interview times so you can speak to people sooner. 

Could you hire internally?

There is no denying that in order to quickly fill a job role, you may find that you could hire internally. There is less paperwork and you are already aware of the potential candidate. 

Employee referral programmes are worthwhile 

An employee referral programme is always a great incentive, and if someone feels they know someone who is right for the role, incentivising means they are likely to put them forward for it. 

Pre-screening candidates

If you want to save time on interview stages, then pre-screening tests can work well. You can test on skills and knowledge ahead of the interview stages and only interview people who manage to interview candidates that pass those tests. 

Have a structure in place 

Finally, having a structure in place will help you to ensure that you have a quick timeline in place. It also helps to keep people aware of when they will find out about the next stages. 

Using a recruiter can speed up the process, to discuss your hiring needs, please call on 01628 817124