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News from Signet - 27th July 2012

To celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympics tonight the employees of Signet Resources came to work both mentally and physically prepared for the sporting event of their lives…


It started off friendly…..

Jokes were nervously shared through a buffet style lunch, whilst team mates quietly planned their strategy.

The teams were announced,

Representing Great Britain in the Signet Office Olympics were the sales team, compromising of Natascha and Andrea.

Next up was keen favourite to win Spain, with soon to be newlywed Jon and resourcer Tracey.

Finally Japan was formed from the support team in the shape of Lizzie and Gwen.

The race began with a more competitive version of the Olympic torch relay.

Hurtling down the office on wheeled chairs the girls and Jon jostled and crashed and swerved into each other fighting for the first gold, leaping as if bitten by a dog they zoomed up the corridor, screaming with passion and launched the torch at their team mate.  GB and Spain took the lead with Japan wondering confused in the background.  The chairs took off again, the office across the way cheered them on encouragingly.  It was tense, it was close, and it was Spain who took the glory…..


The ultra competitive sack race; new recruit Lizzie showed her extreme winning nature as she literally leapt through the air shaming marathon runner Natascha; pain was etched on Nat’s face as she saw Lizzie’s youthful sacked legs steal the glory and proclaim victory for Japan.

Moving on to platecuss, a calm interlude allowing Jon to sneak Gold for Spain.

Then finally the race they had all been waiting for; Whoopee Wheelie or as more commonly known in the playground – the wheelbarrow race.

Timed rather than raced to please the Gods of Health and safety, Tracey and Jon went first, Jon grasped Tracey’s ankles with determination in his eyes and off they went, weighed down by lunch and cursed with asthma Tracey tried to wriggle through the carpet but couldn’t find the pace she needed, a true recruiter she didn’t give up but went over the finish line and collapsed at the end, happy to have competed.  Twenty two seconds was recorded on the clock.

Support went next, disadvantaged by height but still striving for Gold, Gwen clutched Lizzie and off they went, like a caterpillar Lizzie flew out of the blocks, she had hidden the fact that she was indeed known as a baby as being the fastest crawler,  it was amazing they flew in at a new world record of 6 seconds.  The crowd went wild, creating more strain for the final pair.

Nat and Andrea took to the start line, height was on their side, Andrea had also been training via spinning for the last 3 weeks.

They were off, you could see the desire on their faces as they cruised down the carpet desperately seeking out the gold, but they knew it wasn’t enough to beat the little Lizzie crawl.  9 seconds secured them Silver.

Final Scores were:

Japan: Gold winners

Spain and Great Britain: Joint Silver



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