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Candidates - 5th July 2012

This morning we held a breakfast seminar at our Signet Resources office.

The topic of the workshop was ‘Managing Performance’ and was presented by Paul Marsh from Light Bulb Company. The seminar was attended by key representatives from local companies. Thank you to everyone who attended- We hope you had an enjoyable and informative morning. We are holding the next seminar on 3rd October 2012. We’d love to hear from you if you would like to come to our next seminar- Please get in touch for more information.

Follow this link for more information on Paul Marsh and the Workshops:

Here are some thoughts from those who attended today’s seminar:

‘I attended a 2 hour Managing Performance Workshop at Signet Resources this morning.   One question: Is 2 hours long enough for a workshop? Answer: A resounding YES! Paul Marsh, from a company called Light bulb, did the workshop and was fantastic! He was full of energy and kept his audience engaged and involved.  Oh and we laughed a lot! As a manger of 20 people it has given me the guidance and tips I need to make some changes in the way I manage my team and recognize my ABC’s.   I would highly recommend this workshop to any managers and businesses. It’s about 3 letters A, B, C…if you want to know more you need to attend the workshop. Thanks to Nicky and Signet for a well-organized workshop.’  

‘Thank you! Good to see things in a different light/perspective’

‘Thank You- This is a worthwhile seminar.’

‘A great 2 hours, Thanks’

‘Thank you- great to meet and chat to fellow professionals.’

‘Very informative and enjoyable.’


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