How to manage a remote team

Date And Time

Thu, 5 November 2020
11:00 - 12:00 GMT

As leaders and managers, are we prepared to now manage from afar?
About this Event
Homeworking has become a way of life for almost half of British workers; and as employers continue to return employees from furlough the number looks to rise.

As leaders and managers, are we prepared to now manage from afar?

Leaders and their teams are expressing concerns about the lack of face to face interaction, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that in some cases employees feel that remote managers are out of touch with their needs.

Reseach on emotional intelligence tells us that employees look to senior management about how to react to sudden changes or crisis situations. If a manager communicates stress and helplessness, this will embed down in the organisation. If your team is not quite comfortable with remote managing, then this seminar will help with tools to create more awareness and increase productivity.

Signet are running an interactive seminar online, that will look at how to ensure your leaders are engaging with a new remote workforce and leave you better prepared to manage remotely.

The workshop will look at:

• How the worksphere is changing

• The value of up-skilling your team to ensuring success

• Ways to engage a remote workforce for success

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