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News from Signet - 10th December 2012

This year Signet Resources held their Christmas party in the luxurious Danesfield House for a night of lavish Christmas merriment.

Signet Resources celebrated their Christmas party in style.  Dressed in all their finery the team rendezvoused at the impressive and prestigious Danesfield House. The evening began in a civilised manner- we mingled with champagne in the very grand grand hall before being led to our private dining room.

The food was delicious, the fine wine was flowing and so the team began their first party game; a humming contest which caused great joy throughout the decades.  Once the food was completed we- like the eager little Santa’s helpers we are- distributed our Secret Santa presents. The array of gifts ranged wildly from ridiculous to kinky. It was quite something to behold and before we knew it half the team had sprouted large furry moustaches and disturbing teeth.

Many a laugh later and having finally got bored with our newly inherited 4 foot reindeer and ‘50 Shades of Brown’ the team headed (moustaches fearlessly maintained) to the dance floor to show the tenants of Danesfield House how to party Signet Style.

Hopefully you enjoy your Christmas party as much as we enjoyed ours! As always (now that our party hats are off for a year) we would love to hear from you with any recruitment requirements.

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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