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Candidates - 9th February 2015

The end of the interview is approaching.  Hopefully up until this point it has gone well.
In almost all interviews, as the final stage approaches, the hiring manager will inevitably put down their pen and ask…

“What questions do you have for me?”

First and foremost, you should always have questions,  it demonstrates interest, proves that you have researched and is another place for you to shine.  Articulate well thought out questions will set you apart from the competition.

That however is another blog…

When you are asked for your questions, well, it can all go wrong at this final point,  ill conceived questions can quickly change an interviewers opinion of you.

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Things never to ask at interview

So, what does your company do?

I would like to think this one is obvious, however, sadly in my years of recruiting I have been asked it more than once.   I have never employed anyone who has asked me…

Can you confirm salary and benefits,

I am not disputing that salary isn’t important, as are benefits, however, it is a topic of conversation that needs to be raised by the hirer.  Employers are looking for questions that demonstrate interest in the role and the business. Not ones about pay and how many days holiday you have.

If you are working with a recruiter this information should have been passed to you already.

What are the hours?

To be honest… See above. Asking about hours creates the impression that you are trying to establish when you can pack  up and leave for the night.  Probably not the version of you that you are hoping to create.

Spend time before the interview planning some great questions, and prepare to wow the employer with your research and you will end the meeting on a high.

Asking nothing is never appropriate in an interview situation.  Always ensure you maximise every opportunity.

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