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Candidates - 24th July 2014

When trying to impress someone and captivate their attention, it is often presumed that grand gestures can be the icing on the cake.

In my experience, I have met candidates who have delivered outstanding unasked for presentations at first interview stage.  Meant to highlight their desire for the role and impress to the extreme.

And 9 times out of 10 they do.

However, whilst I love the bold statements made by a few.  As a recruiter, I still feel it is the little things that matter, and something small can leave a lingering, positive impression.

A small way to create a good impression.

In an interview situation, I never fail to be impressed by a candidate who is standing in reception waiting to shake my hand.  It is a tiny gesture, but I always note it.

If you are already upright, the process of meeting for the first time and shaking hands seems far less chaotic and smoother in nature.

And then end on a high…

Likewise, the candidates who take their time to email me post meeting, re iterating why they want the job, are always the ones who stay clearly in the forefront of my mind.

It takes moments, but leaves a perfect lasting impression.

And the bit in the middle?

Finding little ways to impress throughout an interview can be simple.

Show you have prepared.  Bring notes, print outs and also have a sheet of questions visible on the desk.

That way if all your queries are answered throughout the meeting you can still demonstrate that you had prepared prior to the interview.

I also remember individuals who have no questions, I also question why anyone looking to make a significant change in their career has no questions…

Reference your research.

Read your future employers LinkedIn profile?

Then reference it.

Read the latest press bullentins from the business you are applying to?

Then reference it.

Little comments, intelligent questions borne out of research demonstrate an inquiring mind, a well prepared person and a future employee.

Dress to impress.

Put your comedy ties away, remove excessive jewelry.  Shine your shoes and file your nails.  Present yourself immaculately with nothing about you to distract the interviewers eye.

Small, simple, but massively effective.

Looking for a job doesn’t have to be about grand gestures.  It can just be about aiming for little pieces of perfection in every way.  Maximise the opportunity at interview and make the small things count.

Good luck

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